Webinar: Application of Solid Form and Crystallization Science in Purification Strategies of New Chemical Modalities (NCMs) including Peptides and PROTACs.

New chemical modalities (NCMs) including protein degraders (PROTACs, molecular glues), peptides (cyclic, macrocyclic), oligonucleotides and RNA therapeutics to name just a few, are emerging as novel promising pharmacological entities for the pharma industry. These diverse structural types have the potential benefit to address a wide range of therapeutic areas.

However, owing to their often complex structure and larger molecular weight coupled with increased flexibility, the isolation and purification of these NCMs can be more challenging over more typical ‘small molecules’.

In this webinar hosted by Scientific Update, Dr. Richard Edwards, Veranova’s Senior Scientist I, discusses methodologies for isolation and purification (via crystallization) for such NCMs. This includes a variety of techniques, such as solubility profiling, solvent, salt and cocrystal screening, and crystallization development. The webinar is concluded with a Q&A.



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