Working together, we can create successful new generics partnerships. Combining innovative business models with collaborative process development helps to strengthen our customers’ products, while reducing your risk. Our APIs and life cycle management offering is supported by our network of development and commercial manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America and Asia, to meet your global product requirements.

We offer an extensive range of generic APIs and invaluable expertise for developing many more. Risk reduction is ensured through partnering with us and our smart technologies and complex chemistries can help to strengthen IP to ensure a competitive position in the market.


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Apomorphine HCl

CAS number: 41372-20-7
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Atropine Sulfate

CAS number: 5908-99-6
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CAS number: 34031-32-8
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CAS number: 1187594-09-7
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CAS number: 41575-94-4
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CAS number: 154-93-8
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CAS number: 15663-27-1
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CAS number: 2353-33-5
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CAS number: 115256-11-6
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Edrophonium Chloride

CAS number: 116-38-1
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Isoproterenol HCl

CAS number: 51-30-9
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CAS number: 191732-72-6
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Lurasidone HCl

CAS number: 367514-88-3
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CAS number: 72599-27-0
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Naloxone HCl

CAS number: 51481-60-8
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CAS number: 656247-18-6
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CAS number: 53179-13-8
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CAS number: 19171-19-8
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CAS number: 737789-87-6
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CAS number: 1393477-72-9
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CAS number: 1257044-40-8
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CAS number: 879085-55-9
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CAS number: 1446321-46-5
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Controlled substances

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The chirality of a molecule can influence key pharmacological activities, which impact a drug’s tolerability, safety, and bioavailability.

Early form screening strategies to accelerate candidate selection

Failure to select a successful candidate can be expensive in terms of both time and money.

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