Veranova provides an extensive portfolio of generic APIs. Our products cover a wide range of therapeutic classes, such as anti-cancer, anti-addiction, psychiatric disorders, and pain management.

Our API offering is supported by our network of GMP-compliant commercial manufacturing facilities in Europe and North America, to meet your global product requirements.

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Apomorphine HCl

CAS number: 41372-20-7
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Atropine Sulfate

CAS number: 5908-99-6
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CAS number: 34031-32-8
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CAS number: 41575-94-4
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CAS number: 154-93-8
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CAS number: 15663-27-1
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CAS number: 2353-33-5
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CAS number: 115256-11-6
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Edrophonium Chloride

CAS number: 116-38-1
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Isoproterenol HCl

CAS number: 51-30-9
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Lurasidone HCl

CAS number: 367514-88-3
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CAS number: 72599-27-0
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Naloxone HCl

CAS number: 51481-60-8
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CAS number: 656247-18-6
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CAS number: 53179-13-8
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Controlled substances

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Antibody-drug conjugate development: challenges and opportunities

By selectively delivering highly potent APIs to cancer cells, they offer a range of improved patient outcomes, including reduced side effects and higher drug tolerability.

Understanding the formation of cocrystals

Cocrystals play an increasingly vital role in drug development, with specialist techniques required to identify and develop them.

Continuous manufacturing (flow chemistry) - the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing

Continuous manufacturing offers several advantages over traditional batch manufacturing, including increased efficiency, reduced waste, and improved product quality.

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