Physchem analysis is a combination of analytical techniques used to characterise and understand the properties of an API and assess the performance of novel crystalline forms. Using this data aids the design of appropriate salt and cocrystal screens and investigates alternative drug delivery routes. Our physchem services provide comprehensive physicochemical characterisation for your compound using specialist instruments and software, to provide the maximum amount of high-quality information, when only limited material is available.

  • Obtain measured pKa values as a precursor for salt screening studies
  • Better understand and predict in vivo behaviours of an API
  • Compare the performance of novel salt, cocrystal and polymorphic forms
  • Find the most compatible surfactants and excipients to improve bioavailability in poorly soluble compounds
  • Aid in troubleshooting batch to batch variability
  • Complimenting data packages in preparation for IND application
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