Bitrex is recognised as the most bitter substance known to man. It is inert and odourless, however very low concentrations are sufficient to make a product unpalatable without altering its original properties. As only very small amounts of Bitrex are needed, it is an extremely effective solution that can be added to most compatible products to make them safer in the home.

Child poisoning is of particular concern, for example in the UK, 25,500 children under the age of five were sent to hospital with suspected poisoning in 2013 – that’s 70 a day. Young children are particularly sensitive to bitter tastes and so Bitrex acts as an effective deterrent that helps to prevent accidental ingestion of harmful household products by young children.

Veranova discovered Bitrex in 1958 and since then it has been developed for use in many applications including household personal care, autocare products, and pesticides.

Visit the Bitrex website to find out more about the benefits it could bring to your products.

Visit the Bitrex website

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