In Conversation with Mike Riley, CEO of Veranova

Veranova’s CEO, Mike Riley, was interviewed by The Medicine Maker at CPHI 2023. Mike shared his insights into Veranova’s drug development heritage, and his vision for the company’s future.

Mike Riley in conversation with TMM video

“We develop and manufacture pharmaceutical products that require complex synthesis or special handling capability. That might include controlled substance products that require a special license, such as highly potent APIs for oncology. A lot of products that require special handling capability, such as antibody-drug conjugate linker payloads and protein degrader molecules, are a very hot growing class of products today. We have experience of these molecules at Veranova from early-stage development all the way through large scale commercial production.

“Veranova as a CDMO is fundamentally a service business. Although we develop and manufacture pharmaceutials, we also provide a service to our customers. We need to be customer-focussed to make sure that we understand our customers’ specific challenges and work very closely with them to solve those challenges. We can support customers very early on in their development process, when they’re developing the process to manufacture their product, or we can support them later in their development, or in the commercial life of the product, when they need strategic capacity. We have a global network, both in the US and UK, where we can support customers to produce their products in an efficient and secure manner. Ultimately, were trying to provide great service to our customers so they can provide the products to the patients who need them.”

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