In conversation with Niek Stapel, CEO of Veranova

“We offer our customers what we call a ‘follow the molecule’ model across the various stages of the dug development cycle, from pre-clinical, clinical and ultimately the commercialization of the branded product. We also offer a wide variety of APIs in selected segments to the generic industry.

Video of Niek Stapel“And right now, we’re at a changing point in the history of Veranova, we’re an independent API CDMO player. We’re very excited to work with all of our stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers and, of course, our employees and society, to get Veranova to the next level. So, we’re looking forward to working with everybody in the future.”

Our CEO Niek Stapel was interviewed by The Medicine Maker at CPHI 2022. Niek discussed the growth of Veranova how we’re using innovation and collaboration to rise to the challenges of the global pharma market.

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