Realizing The Potential of Antibody-Drug Conjugates

“Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) have long been described as a promising component of the pharmaceutical industry’s oncology toolkit. Due to their exact nature, ADCs meet the growing demand for efficacious therapies that provide targeted and safer treatment options for cancer patients. However, even with a growing number of ADCs in the pipeline, the full promise of ADCs has yet to be fully realized.

“ADCs comprise three major components: a small molecule payload, a linker, and an antibody. While this seems straightforward as a concept, in practice, designing,
developing, and manufacturing ADCs is a complex and multi-faceted undertaking. Each of the components in an ADC adds a layer of complexity. To ensure developmental success, pharma teams must safely handle the payload’s highly potent nature. Experts must apply their biopharmaceutical and analytical expertise to develop and purify monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), utilizing proper cell culture techniques and complex conjugation chemistry know-how.”

In this article in Chemistry Today, Veranova’s Global VP, AR&D, Dr. Kishore Hotha, discusses some of the main ways in which ADC safety and efficacy can be maximized, and highlights the importance of choosing the right CDMO partner during the development process.

Read the full article in Chemistry Today, Vol 41 (6), December 2023

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