The Evolving Role of Outsourcing in Pharmaceutical Development

“In recent decades, the pharmaceutical industry has undergone significant changes. Driven by innovation and growth in specialized areas, more pharmaceutical companies are choosing to partner with CDMOs to obtain a competitive edge. As a result, CDMOs have become technology and innovation leaders across key stages of drug discovery, development, and manufacturing.

Chemistry Today front cover

“However, as global trends and events, such as supply chain disruptions and geopolitical tensions, continue to impact the industry, it will be important to reassess outsourcing strategies against new benchmarks. As pharmaceutical development and manufacturing evolves, the nature of partnerships between CDMOs and drug manufacturers will continue to change to navigate the demands of the development pipeline. In order to gain an edge in the changing landscape, a company must choose the correct CDMO partner for its needs.”

Ken Zrebiec, Veranova’s Senior VP of Manufacturing Operations, spoke to Chemistry Today to discuss how pharma companies leverage specialized CDMO expertise to enhance development capabilities.

Read the full article on page 26 of Chemistry Today, October 2023 issue

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