Veranova Celebrates International Women’s Day 2024

The first-ever International Women’s Day took place in March 1911. Since then, this celebratory day has witnessed over a century of history and change. The campaign for gender equality has brought about a myriad of improvements in societies around the world; however, many women continue to face gender-based discrimination and injustice.

Veranova is proud of its team of inspirational women and is committed to working towards a more inclusive world. This 8th March, we join the movement in celebrating the incredible achievements of women everywhere.

From the lab to business development, women add immeasurable value to every part of Veranova. In line with this year’s IWD theme ‘Inspire Inclusion’, we spoke to five inspiring women, each with a different role at the company. They told us about their motivations behind taking up science as a career, and what inclusion in STEM means to them.

Sweta Adhikari, Business Development Associate

“Science has always been my passion; inspired by my grandmother, a dedicated doctor, who made a great impact on people’s lives every day. Joining Veranova, I discovered a role in business development that aligns perfectly with my aspirations. While focusing on drug discovery, I’m privileged to contribute to advancements in medicine that positively impact
countless lives.”

Francesca Firth, Senior Chemist I

“Growing up, I particularly enjoyed science because I could explore my curiosity about the world around me – it’s an engaging and fascinating cycle of asking questions, finding answers, and ending up with new questions. Even now, working in pharmaceutical solid form, I still drag my friends to see mineral collections on holiday!”


Elizabeth Hoffner, Senior Director Business Development

“One of my earliest and most rewarding moments at Veranova was successfully completing my first project tasks ahead of schedule and receiving positive feedback from my team and supervisor. It reinforced my confidence in my abilities and affirmed that I was on the right path in my new role.”


Rhonda Larkin, Vice President, Program Management and Strategic Partnerships

“My fascination with diseases, bacteria and viruses sparked my interest in STEM subjects. The opportunity to contribute to treating these illnesses through the pharmaceutical industry has been incredibly rewarding.”


Jade Owen, Senior Scientist II

“At Veranova, I use my problem-solving skills to figure out how to analyze otherwise tricky samples, which is extremely fulfilling. I am also proud that Veranova encourages STEM initiatives. I feel fortunate to be able to give back to the scientific community through working with schools, universities, and other scientific organizations.”


International Women’s Day is an opportunity to reflect on the valuable contributions of women everywhere and renew our commitment to gender parity. Celebrate with us, and join us in building a future that is fair and accessible for all.

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