Veranova Expands Contract Expertise

Mike Riley, Veranova’s CEO recently spoke to Chemical Week about Veranova’s plans to become a key outsourcing partner for specialized APIs.

“Veranova LP (Wayne, Pa.) is a contract development and manufacturing organization (COMO) for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) with a focus on specialist niches with expertise in highly regulated and complex chemistries. The business was relaunched as Veranova following private equity firm Altaris Capital Partners LLC’s 2022 acquisition of Johnson Matthey PLC’s health business.

“Veranova has so far this year focused on strengthening its expertise and capabilities in developing and manufacturing specialized APIs, including antibody-drug conjugates,
highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPls), controlled substances and other molecules requiring complex synthesis and analysis, said Mike Riles, Veranova’s CEO.

“Riley, who took the company’s helm in May 2023, told CW that his main priority is to
establish Veranova as the go-to partner for companies developing specialized pharmaceutical
products. “Veranova’s experience in complex synthesis and specialized handling provide a strong foundation in some of the most attractive areas within the pharmaceutical industry.”

“Veranova’s stable ownership structure, combined with its strategic manufacturing locations within the US and UK ,”should ” make the company a more attractive outsourcing partner for companies managing increasing levels of uncertainty and complexity caused by the current geopolitical and economic volatility, according to Riley.”

Read the full article on the Chemical Week website.

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