Veranova Hosts First Annual Veranova Chemistry and Technology Meeting (VCTM)

Veranova hosted its first annual Chemistry and Technology Meeting on February 5-7, 2024, at its state-of-the-art facility in Devens, Massachusetts. Over 60 Veranova employees attended the 3-day conference with a further 70 attending online.

The meeting brought together scientists and engineers from across Veranova, including Cambridge and Edinburgh in the UK and West Deptford, New Jersey in the US. The meeting was also attended by the Veranova Leadership Team and several members of Veranova’s commercial team.


Veranova R&D colleagues at the VCTM


The conference opened with a talk by Veranova’s CEO, Mike Riley, presenting his vision of a strategic transformation in Veranova’s client service focus, with a new emphasis on emerging trends in the pharmaceutical arena, such as antibody-drug conjugates, highly potent APIs and proteolysis targeting chimeras (PROTACS).

Mike emphasized that the key to Veranova’s success will be for the Veranova R&D team to embrace innovation and the application of new technologies to solve customer problems, which will set Veranova apart as a service provider.

The themes of innovation in development, and the application of new technologies within Veranova, were highlighted over the following two days, with over twenty technical sessions hosted by Veranova’s R&D teams.

Subjects included advances in spray drying, crystallization development techniques of complex pharmaceutical candidates and Veranova’s newly developed client service offerings in separations and chromatography.

Several challenging assignments were reviewed in presentations, along with the innovative approaches taken by the R&D teams in analytical and process development chemistry to solve these problems. The outcome was the delivery of high-quality pharmaceutical development services to our customers.

During the presentations, speakers also discussed Veranova’s innovation programs for improving existing commercial products, which resulted in increased process efficiency and reduced manufacturing costs.

Rohtash Kumar, Veranova’s Senior Vice President and CTO, said, “The conference aimed to showcase Veranova’s focus and achievements in utilizing innovation and new technologies to solve customer problems. Additionally, it provided an opportunity for the R&D teams from the four Veranova sites to collaborate, learn about each other’s work, and set the stage for joint problem-solving in the future.”

It was clear from the high degree of enthusiastic participation and interaction among the attendees that this first annual VCTM was a resounding success!


Veranova employees presenting and watching presentations



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