of the top selling 200 small molecule pharmaceuticals in 2021 have been touched by us

1 in 5

FDA-approved small molecule drugs since 2014 have collaborated with us


completed solid form projects across a range of structurally diverse and complex APIs

Advancing science with you

Discover new ways to advance your science with Veranova. Our capabilities span a wide range of development technologies and specialties—all backed by comprehensive industry knowledge and experience.


Extensive capabilities across both process and analytical development.


Tech capabilities that encompass solid form sciences including crystallization development and particle engineering.


Specialty capabilities include highly potent APIs and drug linkers in addition to complex small molecule chemistry.

Supporting your innovation with collaboration

Whether you need a partner in development or an experienced leader to navigate complex scale-up, Veranova can help. Our deep knowledge of API manufacturing and processes is supported by a collaborative, consultative approach to ensure your expectations and milestones are met.


With deep technical expertise and impressive flexibility, we help develop solutions and processes that support innovation.

Development and small-scale manufacturing

To support clinical trials, we establish manufacturing processes and analytical methods that are scalable and collaborative.

Large-scale manufacturing

We efficiently manage manufacturing APIs in commercial quantities with our agile network and supply chain.


We help you optimize your manufacturing processes and scale-up your services with confidence, speed and flexibility.

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Antibody-drug conjugate development: challenges and opportunities

By selectively delivering highly potent APIs to cancer cells, they offer a range of improved patient outcomes, including reduced side effects and higher drug tolerability.

Improving solubility and accelerating drug development

Drug solubility plays a fundamental role in ensuring therapeutic efficacy. Drugs that are poorly water soluble…

The importance of chirality in API development

The chirality of a molecule can influence key pharmacological activities, which impact a drug’s tolerability, safety, and bioavailability.

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