Providing the right solutions to drive your therapeutic to commercial success

Through our Custom Pharma Solutions offering, we can solve your most challenging chemistry and scale-up problems. We’ve been working with pharma innovators for over 50 years, constantly striving to expand our capabilities to enable us to offer life-changing complex chemistry solutions. We are proud to offer this leading service through our exceptional facilities spanning Europe, North America and Asia.

We offer complete custom services, from pre-clinical to commercialisation, and our strong track record, technology and service are what successfully set us apart from our competitors. We are focused on understanding your problems to provide the best possible development and manufacturing solutions.

Working in partnership

We are committed to building strong relationships and creating solutions with our customers. We truly understand your needs and provide the right solutions to drive your therapeutic to commercial success.

You can have confidence in our expert team to anticipate any challenges you may encounter throughout the drug development process and keep your project on track. We deliver on commitments and agreed timelines.

How we work with Innovators

Collaboration: We work with our customers to develop more efficient and scaled-up processes through added value technology and experience.

In 2010, Veranova was selected by a customer because of our controlled substance expertise and manufacturing knowledge of a key intermediate for their API. We developed a 2nd generation process, utilising our solid form sciences expertise to solve a significant challenge with the final form of the drug substance. Over the years, we’ve continued to work closely with this customer’s development team to continue to improve the efficiency of the process, meet clinical material and timeline needs and scale the process up to 8,000 L reactor scale.

Veranova continues to provide additional expertise to support regulatory filing as well as perform some of the critical post-validation process research activities. Veranova validated the process in 2018 and were contracted to produce commercial launch API in 2019.

Accelerating development: By leveraging our expertise and technology, Veranova has enabled customers to develop far more efficient processes and accelerate speed to market.

One customer required help to accelerate the approval of a drug for an unmet medical need. We were able to leverage our expert knowledge of complex multi- step chemistry, challenging purification, chromatography modelling, identification and characterisation of impurities and regulatory filings to help accelerate their drug approval.

We were then able to scale-up rapidly, including the creation of a new multi million dollar manufacturing site. Six different Veranova sites contributed to the success of enabling the product.

Custom pharmaceutical services

Process development

Our dedicated process development chemists help optimise your drug development and manufacturing processes.

Analytical method development

Delivery of quality analytical methods throughout early phase clinical research to GMP scale up/commercialization in line with ICH and FDA/MHRA requirements.

Solid form sciences

Leading capabilities in polymorphs, salt forms, crystal morphology and controlled particles.

Quality and regulatory

Ensuring global regulatory compliance.

Highly potent APIs

We have expertise in handling highly potent APIs.

Drug conjugate and linkers

Developing and scaling up processes for linking small molecule payloads to polymers in support of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), polymer drug conjugates and other drug delivery applications.

Controlled substances

Through our global facilities and GMP-compliant bulk production plants, together with our understanding of the broad regulatory requirements, we have the expertise to ensure the reliable supply of controlled substance APIs.

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